Introducing a new frontier in energy management

CircuitMeter offers a breakthough in energy efficiency with circuit level, real time submetering and energy analytics

  • Low cost per circuit
  • Instant, real-time data available on your browser
  • Integrated energy analytics software
  • Enable virtual energy audit – locate and correct operating “mistakes”
  • Create energy footprints for all equipment and optimize operational performance
  • Use email notifications to catch and address issues when they happen
  • Simple, easy to install hardware at disruptively low price
  • IT friendly
  • Big Data, high speed energy analytics software – a new standard in power for the energy analyst

Understand Your Energy Use

  • Meter all your circuits, at all your facilities
  • Identify where you are wasting energy
  • Create real-time energy management strategies

Continuous Energy Audit

  • Prevent “energy drift” continuously, and maintain peak performance
  • Provide regular, detailed feedback to staff – address behavioural issues
  • Avoid cost of period energy audits that only provide limited “snapshots”

Energy Monitoring Systems

  • All electrical data made available continuously, including power quality measures
  • Up to 600VAC, 6000A, and 1/2/3 phase – with simple, easy to install hardware
  • Proprietary software plus API for communications to third party systems

Reduce Your Operating Costs

  • Identify unnecessary use, from control system errors to occupant issues
  • Detect inefficiencies, from low power factor to malfunctioning equipment
  • Identify the time and makeup of peak demand charges

Detailed Demand Analysis

  • Real time energy data available at individual system/equipment level
  • Exact time and of peak demand and make up of each component available
  • Visibility of detailed, peak makeup enables load shifting analysis at low cost

Electrical Submetering

  • Able to monitor individual circuits at MCC, panel, or sub-panel
  • Up to 36 circuits metered with a single WebMeter
  • Internet or cellular connections provide real time link to cloud based servers

Maintain Peak Efficiency in Your Operations

  • Avoid un-scheduled breakdowns with real time notice of increasing energy use
  • Use actual operating hours to design use-based maintenance programs
  • Benchmark equipment & justify replacement of poor performers

Precision Maintenance

  • Monitor equipment wear and tear through energy consumption
  • Identify component failure through spikes in energy consumption
  • Use real time alerts to identify operating time threshold that signal maintenance requirements

Energy Data Analytics

  • Enterprise software meets the needs of clients with large portfolios
  • High speed CircuitMonitoring™ software loaded with easy to use energy analytics tools
  • Automatic conversion from energy consumption to carbon equivalent included