Detailed demand visibility opens the door to lower cost peak shifting strategies.


Detailed Demand Analysis allows users to…

  • Access real time energy demand data at the machine and system level.
  • Pinpoint makeup of peak demand.
  • Target feasible shifts in timing to save on demand charges.
  • Reduce disruption and costs associated with slowdown or shutdown.

Demand charges can form a significant portion of a facility’s overall electricity cost. In many jurisdictions there are financial incentives that reward customers who can reduce their contribution to an area’s peak demand. Imagine being able to take advantage of those incentives.

With CircuitMeter, Users have a lower cost option that can provide the granularity required to understand the makeup of the demand at the time of peak consumption.

Cost” has been the traditional barrier to implementing detailed demand analysis. With the dramatic reductions in “per circuit” hardware and software costs associated with a CircuitMeter solution, it is now feasible to install granular real time metering, and enjoy the ability to pinpoint peak demand, in conjunction with the many other benefits that comprise Forensic Energy Management™.