Generate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Analyses automatically.

Quantify Greenhouse Gases for reduction analysis.
  • Convert energy data to CO2e production data.
  • Quantify Greenhouse Gases for reduction analysis.

Carbon pricing, carbon taxes, and cap and trade systems are becoming a reality in a growing number of jurisdictions around the world — leading to the need for carbon emissions you can quantify. Those numbers are essential to analyze operations and make business cases to support financial decision making. Today, this exercise can tie up staff that could be more productively employed.

With CircuitMeter, kW-hrs in each jurisdiction are automatically converted to GGH carbon equivalent data. These are made available to the analyst for the specific jurisdiction, supporting clarity and better decision making. The CircuitMeter commitment is to maintain this data and be up-to-date with jurisdictional or time base changes, and make carbon conversion as easy as a push of a button.