CircuitMonitoring™ system architecture is specifically designed to support End Users with large portfolios on an enterprise scale.


The CircuitMonitoring™ system uses Big Data techniques to handle thousands of circuits reporting data from WebMeters™ that aggregate the energy data in real time. In addition to having the ability to store and retrieve large amounts of data with virtually instant response times and very fast what-if analyses.

CircuitMeter does more than collect and communicate your energy usage data. With CircuitMonitoring™ energy analytics software, it also contextualizes it. That means parsing and prioritizing your detailed energy information so that you can understand and act on the most important data you collect.

By metering and sending electrical usage data from each circuit breaker to its cloud-based, CircuitMonitoring™ software platform, a wide variety of analytical techniques are made available — and a wide variety of benefits become possible:

  • Gain insight into individual equipment power use, the complete facility, or across an entire portfolio.
  • Identify equipment that is operating unnecessarily, and ensure it doesn’t re-occur.
  • Identify equipment and areas that underperform asset class standards or exceed pre-set thresholds.
  • Reduce costs by changing operational procedures and eliminating unnecessary consumption.
  • Generate cost savings from detailed demand analyses and proactive energy management programs — use detailed power use data to create low cost demand smoothing procedures.

CircuitMonitoring™ delivers scalable Energy Analytics.



Using proprietary Big Data techniques that combine processing, management and analytics for large quantities of data at high speed, data aggregation and data mining are simple and fast with CircuitMonitoring™. With this level of power, energy analysts can develop insights into energy use and abuse that isn’t feasible with current technology.


CircuitMonitoring™ consolidates metering information for each client into its own comprehensive database, with an extensive array of analytical tools built in to provide the analyst, engineer, accountant, and manager with an energy analytics platform that sets a new standard for individual equipment or portfolio-wide calculations.

CircuitMonitoring™ reports against 12-separate parameters: Amps; Amps Max; Real Power; Reactive Power; Apparent Power; Energy Consumption; Power Factor; Volts, Minutes On; Hours On; Impedance; Outside Temperature.

Examples of Energy Analytics included in the CircuitMonitoring™ software suite.

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Histogram Plot
Frequency distribution of level of power use of any piece of equipment, system, area of building can be plotted by time (e.g. hourly) for any defined period (daily, weekly, etc.)


Enterprise Summary/Map View
All sites in a portfolio can be quickly viewed in a single screen to allow for selection of building summary information and access to facility details.


Cooling Degree Days (CDD)
Monthly analysis with full temperature details for accurate analysis. Chart and compare AC power with any combination of HVAC equipment.


Equipment Setup
Consolidated view of electrical box setup allows for easy linkage of the CircuitMeter equipment to the physical building infrastructure.


Equipment Usage
Total hours of operation by phase within any specific time range is available at the Equipment ID level to facilitate asset management and precision maintenance.


Phase Breakdown Analysis
Usage by Equipment ID can be viewed at the individual phase level to identify equipment specific issues.


Voltage Fluctuation
Voltage Fluctuation – Real-time Voltage variation over the entire day can be viewed to investigate internal anomalies and utility performance issues.


provides an API
Users and Channel Partners with their own dashboard systems can use the CircuitMonitoring™ API to access the real time data generated from the WebMeter network. Third party control modules can be directed using the API to implement a new level of more granular energy control features than had previously been considered economic.

An InformAtion Foundation for Buildings & Facilities:
Commercial, Institutional, Industrial & High Density Residential

Energy Use

  • Consumption
    • Systems
    • Equipment
    • MCC Level
  • Control
    • Control Technology
    • Operations Staff
    • Occupant Behaviour


  • Circuit Level Submetering
  • Real Time Data Communications

Energy Analytics

  • Management & Verification
  • Energy Analytics
    • Real Time
    • Forensic
    • Advanced
  • Operations Analytics
    • Wear & Tear
    • Malfunction
    • Component Failure
    • Operating Time Log

Management Functions

  • Continuous Energy Audit
  • Occupant Energy Use Reporting
  • Equipment Benchmarking
  • Benchmark Breach Notifications
  • Precision Maintenance
  • Demand Management
  • Energy/Carbon Footprinting
  • Energy/Financial Verification

Energy Management Companies

  • Energy Retailers
  • Facility Management
  • Energy Management
  • ESCO
  • Maintenance & Service

The CircuitMonitoring™ data integrity is assured through the mapping stage of the hardware installation process. At the time of installation, each circuit breaker is tagged, identifying its location and equipment type. Users have the ability to see the energy usage in each facility and across an entire portfolio — from one end of the country to the other, or across borders — from head office, right down to an individual circuit breaker.

With this vast store of energy data and the power of CircuitMonitoring™ software, energy managers are empowered to enter the new world of Forensic Energy Management. CircuitMeter provides the line by line data and the tools required to execute a new level of energy analyses — enabling strategic decisions on energy efficiency, conservation and implementation of operational programs that reduce costs and increase reliability and output.