CircuitMeter’s JPulse-4™ is a uniquely designed pulse counter which is able to count pulses produced by any metering device that supports a standard dry contact output. The pulses are detected by the WebMeter36F™, which sends the pulse information to the CircuitMonitoring™ system in real-time. The JPulse-4™ is tightly integrated with the CircuitMonitoring™ system which will automatically convert the pulse signals from measuring water, gas, steam, and even generate an event counter.

Product Description

Monitoring Capabilities
Upon configuration, the CircuitMonitoring™ system will remotely reconfigure the RJ45 port on the WebMeter36F™ to switch to reading pulses (rather than current). This allows for total flexibility within the overall design of the CircuitMeter solution where the WebMeter36F™ is able to sense voltage, current and pulses.

The CircuitMonitoring™ system will generate reports and analytics for:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Event Counter
  • Plus, any custom measurement(s) from readings

Flexible Architecture
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Technical Configuration
The JPulse detects industry standard dry contact pulses that utilizes three wires (common, loop, and pulse). The various levels of voltage are presented as outputs via the built in RJ45 jack to be connected to the WebMeter36F™ for pulse detection and interpretation of each pulse is calculated within the CircuitMonitoring™ system. The JPulse is enclosed in a metal box.

Mechanical & Dimensions

Weight: 640 g (1.41 lbs)

Size: 12.192 cm / 4.80 in (W)
12.192 cm / 4.80 in (H)
5.0800 cm / 2.00 in (D)

Operating Temp: 4C to +40C
Storage Temp: -17C to +80C
Humidity Range: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Enclosure: Metal

Type 3 Wire Dry Contact
(Common, Loop &  Pulse)
Isolation 2500 VAC (Hot Pot)
Power 6V AC Adapter (Inc.)
Contact Current 10 mA (Maximum)
Pulse Width 100 ms (Minimum)
Update Rate 10 seconds (to Host)
Pulse Generators 1 to 4 monitored
3 Wire Cable 1000 feet (Maximum)
Cat5e Length 100 feet (Maximum)

Active cable break detection
Active AC power loss detection
Very low pulse current required

WebMeter36F™ (x1)
VoltageSensor (x1)
JPulse (4 to 36 pulse generators)